Thursday, April 14, 2011

almost sick of hotels

Day #4 of our Marketing trip and I am so sick of jumping from hotel to hotel.  Tonight, I am in Ft. Washington, PA.  Ever heard of it?  Nope.  Neither have I.  

Picture this.  A toll plaza.  A gas station.  A Holiday Inn down a dark road in the distance.  Then there is us at the Hilton Garden Inn next to the toll plaza.  We have no cars and are forced to eat room service or yucky delivery.  

Okay, I just realized that was a string of complaints.  There is plenty to be happy about.  We head back to Ithaca tomorrow (never thought I would be happy to head back to Ithaca) and I had a wonderful few days spending time with my linesisters and an impromptu international phone conversation with my one linesister in Honduras!

I guess I will go make myself happy and go "play" with my new skin care products!  Bonne nuit.

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