Thursday, April 21, 2011

almost done with my 1st year!

Consortium OP 2010 with my
Johnson School Family
It just seems like yesterday that I uprooted my life, and the life of those close to me, to move to Ithaca to pursue my MBA at Cornell University.  January 2010 marked the start of a new chapter of my life, including acceptance to schools, scholarships, new friendships, moves, and most importantly a surprise proposal :)!
Going Away Party

Over the past 9 months, I have learned so much about myself and about being a leader.  I never knew that I could push myself so hard and actually learn and do well in subjects so foreign to me.  I've also learned a lot about myself personal leadership style and what it really means to be a leader.

My Honey
As I finish up my first year and get ready for the yet another transition (starting my internship and living in NYC for the summer)I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to experience all that I have.  I wouldn't have been able to quit my job and become a full-time student again if I didn't have the support from my family and friends and my continually strengthened faith in God.

Sorry for the sappy/deep post.  Just had to get this off my chest!  I have been so emotional over the past few days thinking about the last year and what my future potentially has in store for me.  I'm so happy, so grateful, so blessed, and so excited!


  1. you deserve all the blessings that come your way pea! you are a hard working wonderful woman, friend, daughter, aunt..... the list goes on and on! cheers to another great year ahead! :)

  2. Elisa - you, me and Tia have to hang out this's been years since i've seen you! Congrats on everything girl!!