Sunday, May 8, 2011

almost a hoarder

I am so ashamed of myself.  I literally spent my entire Sunday sorting and cleaning tons and tons of clothing, shoes, purses, scarves... you get the picture.  I found stuff that I didn't know still existed and clearly haven't worn in years...years.  For instance, I counted 20+ t-shirts that have been in the same damn, plastic container I originally packed them in, to come to school.  Who the hell needs 20+ t-shirts?  Ridiculous.  Even better, I had shoes that were literally falling apart and I seriously tried to justify keeping them!  "These are so fly... no one will notice that the fabric is splitting".  Insanity.

What prompted this massive undertaking?  Three different reasons: 1) I have to pack to go home to VA for two weeks (yay -- I miss Jason, my family, and crazy friends), 2) I have to pack for my 3 month internship in NYC (wohoo summer in the city), and 3) I have to pack for my summer tenants (praise God I don't have to cover two rents this summer).  My family is right.  I am like a gypsy.  I am always on the move.  Oh and I have to do all of this before I leave Ithaca on Thursday.  FML.

Under normal circumstances (i.e. circumstances involving me not being in business school), this wouldn't be such a big deal.  But I have finally had a moment to breath and actual hours to myself.  Having this time to myself has now caused me to stress out and just starting thinking about how much I miss having a "normal life".  Yes I brought this on myself and yes, there is no way I could have turned down this opportunity to come to school on a full-ride, but I often find myself reflecting on all of this when I have time to just think.

Anyway, back to the hoarding.  I have 2 full, black, plastic bags for the Salvation Army (another one that is halfway full) and a pile of items I am trying to sell on eBay.  I figured, if I am going to give them away, might as well try to make a quick buck if I can.

So I am sitting here on my sofa, surrounded by bags of clothes, clean clothes folded in random piles on the floor, bras hanging from chairs, and all I can do is laugh.

Did I mention I need to scrub this apartment from top to bottom too?

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